What Does the Opposite Sex See?

What you present to them!

Knowing what is attractive starts with a visual.

If you don't look your best, you don't feel your best, and the individuals around you, including the opposite sex will see and perceive you as you look.

215 Exclusive conducted a survey of 100 women. We asked them what are the cons of dating an elite man. The answers were surprising:

  • 1 Sexual performance
  • 2 Out of shape
  • 3 Grey pubic hair

Of the women surveyed, 65% said grey pubic hair turned them off completely.

Our water based products are engineered to enhance your look and maintain the youthful and more energetic appearance that the opposite sex is attracted to. Below the Belt gives you the confidence to feel how you look and be seen how you feel!

Below the Belt is a pubic hair color for men whose unique formulation is designed to remove the unsightly gray that makes men feel older and less attractive while paying particular attention to the sensitive skin of that area. The water-based formula allows Below the Belt to yield quick and long-lasting results while being perfectly safe. Men can bathe, swim, play sports---or engage in any recreational activity—and know that they will be looking more youthful, attractive, virile, and desirable.

Designed by entrepreneur and beauty industry expert Shawn Porter, Below the Belt can be applied in minutes without causing rashes, bumps or the irritating pain often found in other hair-care products. According to Mr. Porter, "It's about time men caught up to the ladies when it comes to taking care of their sensitive pubic hair area. Since perception is reality, it's important that men become used to the idea of putting color where it counts, and removing the gray hair that makes them feel old and undesirable."

With its non-spill or streak creamy forumula, Below the Belt should be used by men who want to spice up their lives by removing the graying, drab pubic hair that is making them old before their time. Put the color where it counts with Below the Belt.