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Below The Belt's® specially engineered formula has been used by Hollywood elite to enhance and regain their sexual confidence.

Now you can regain your sexual confidence with BTB!® Restore yore dull pubic hair to a more youthful and uibrant color that gives you confidence and increases your sexual self esteem.

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Here's what others have had to say about BTB®...

I'm a recent divorcee just getting back in the dating scene and I didn't know what to do until I heard about (BTB). I didn't want to show it to anyone new until now (Sweet!!) What a life saver! Thanks Below the Belt.

Ronald P. - Hollywood, CA

Man!!! I have had grey pubic hair since I was 40. I've had so many embarrassing moments. I started using regular hair color burning and irritating my skin in the process. I didn't care; the grey had to go. A friend gave me a box of (BTB) and Thank You GOD!!! No more burning! No more irritation. No more embarrassing moments. And a condom! GENIUS!

Johnathan G. - Beverly Hills, CA

Well, where should I start? My companion said she had a surprise for me. She pulled a box of Below the Belt from her purse. I didn't know they made color for that purpose. She placed the condom on my penis and applied the color. Outside of it turning into one of the most erotic moments in my life, it felt like I was 25 all over again. From grey to black in 30 minutes! BTB is a winner in my book.

R. Richburg - Denver, CO

I did not want to broadcast my personal life on a website, but I felt compelled to share my experience about BTB. Straight to the point, I'm 55 and my companion who is 29. In the first few encounters my companion would never perform oral sex but always talked about it. So I asked why we haven't experienced "IT" but always talk about "IT". To my surprise my companion said quote "You're so grey down there. You remind me of an old man down there and it takes the passion out of it seeing grey!" I felt so obsolete. I researched pubic hair color and found Below the Belt. I was extremely afraid to put anything down there but to my surprise all I had to do was add water. It was that simple. I tried it and it worked like a charm. For what it's worth, I'm getting all the oral sex I can handle now! P.S. Let me know when the stock goes public; "I want in."

F. Foxworth - Austin, TX